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How to care for your LORETA bandage dress

You’ve found the perfect bandage dress. It’s flattering, highlighting your curves and camouflaging the wobbly bits. The color brings out your eyes and complements your skin tone. Whenever you wear it, heads turn! The best part is your bandage dress is great for any occasion whether it’s a casual first date or ritzy networking event. It can effortlessly take you from a day at the office when teamed with sensible flats and a tailored jacket to the hottest nightclubs when paired with cute high heels and accessorized. To ensure your bandage dress always looks flattering, it requires a little tender-loving care to maintain its shape and elasticity.

By following the simple instructions below, you can be assured your bandage dress will see you looking fabulous and supporting you for all those special occasions when you need to look nothing less than amazing.

What’s the right way to store a bandage dress?

There are a few simple dos and don’ts when it comes to storage for your bandage dress. Failing to pay attention to these instructions may result in your dress stretching out of shape or looking creased and crumpled.

Don’t hang it on a coat hanger, and that includes folding it over the lower bar or suspending it from integrated clamps.

Don’t take it off and leave it lying on the floor

Don’t ‘Marie Kondo’ it into a small little folded up ball and cram into a clothes drawer if you want it to continue to bring you joy.

Don’t store it in vinyl or plastic clothes bags because over time the chemical compounds in plastic and vinyl breakdown causing your dress to smell and leave marks.

Do store it flat in a drawer or a closet shelf. As a last alternative, gently fold in two and store on top of your other clothes to avoid wrinkles. Make sure the drawer isn’t over stuffed.

Washing instructions

Always read the manufacturer’s care label when it comes to instructions on how to wash your bandage dress. Many dresses require dry-cleaning, however we realise this can be expensive and not very practical. If you are going to hand wash your dress, be sure to use cold water and use a mild washing detergent. You may find it easier to use a bath to undertake this task, that way your dress can still remain flat while gently washing it. The less you have to wash your bandage dress, the longer it will last, so where possible do spot cleaning.

Do not wring or squeeze the water out of your dress as this will crease it, instead while lying flat run your hand over the top of it and push the water out of it using long, but firm strokes. When enough water has been removed so it’s not sopping wet, lie it flat on a clothes rack. Avoid using a dryer where possible, it’s better for the environment, as well as your dress. If you must use a dryer, set the temperature to cold or your dress will shrink.

How do I spot clean marks on a bandage dress?

Gently wet the area you want to clean using cold water. Take a hand towel or face washer and wet the corner with cold water. Squeeze a little mild hand soap or detergent on the towel and gently rub over the stained parts. Avoid scrubbing hard. Rinse area with more cold water to remove remaining detergent once the stain is removed and lie flat on a clothes rack to dry.

How to remove wrinkles from a bandage dress

For removing creases and crinkles, iron while still damp. Or if you have a hand steam cleaner, ensure your dress is lying flat.

It may seem like a lot of effort to keep your bandage dress looking great, but the efforts are worth the rewards you will reap through looking and feeling like a million dollars.

For more advice on caring for your Loreta collection dresses, contact us today.



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