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What To Wear This Winter

How You Can Stay In Style This Winter With These Winter Fashion Staples

The colder weather is upon us, meaning the change in wardrobe is happening right now for lots of us. If you’re one of the people staring into your wardrobe and realising that summer has completely taken over it, you’re not alone! The weather changes, but sometimes our individual style doesn’t change along with it. That doesn’t mean we have to throw away our fashion style and all our clothes along with it, though. Using the right method, and with the right clothing staples, you can turn your winter wardrobe from drab to fab in minutes. These pieces, along with these tips, will help you cultivate a winter wardrobe you will have to show off!

The Right Fabrics

There’s a reason we love snuggling up with a fluffy blanket and dressing gown in winter. The materials used are usually soft, comforting, and most importantly – warm! Taking that comfort into our wardrobe usually sees us taking on heavy clothing, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Finding clothes that use warm winter material while maintaining our own fashion sense is a great way to bring some style into winter.

Grand Entrance Dress

Your need for knitted clothing doesn’t have to stop at jumpers or jackets, with a knitted dress the perfect day outfit for exploring on a cold winter day. This winter knit dress is made with a cotton fabric, stopping below the knee, and keeping your chest warm. The split and the adjustable buttons, however, keep this dress as a standout winter essential and perfect for all fashion styles.

Shaping Essentials

It’s not just material that is important when finding the perfect outfit for winter. Finding something that is the right shape for winter, usually form-fitting, is important. Something that you can layer underneath a jacket or wear as a standout piece is also desirable, as you will want something that can take you from indoors to outdoors without hassle.

Charmer Dress

This dress loves all body shapes. This figure-hugging beauty is what dreams are made of for formal events. The little black dress that defines the best parts of your body, this is a winter staple you are going to want to get ASAP. The length is perfect for a cocktail event on a cold winter night, keeping you warm but definitely making a statement.

Rebel Dress

As the name would suggest, this dress is for those wanting a bold and rebellious outfit to take on the day or night. The long sleeves, bandage material and style of the dress will help keep the winter blues away, while making sure you are noticed in a crowd. The dress also comes in either pink or black, making the switch between night and day easy.

Mars Dress

There isn’t too many dresses that perfectly fit the winter theme of cosy, elegance and style like the Mars Dress can. With a faux fur collar, this dress is the winter dream, with the warm red tone giving the exact look a winter wardrobe needs. Long sleeves and a good length adds to the warmth, but this beauty is perfect if you are embracing the winter spirit.

Jumpsuits For Winter

It’s not just dresses that can give your winter an upgrade, jumpsuits here to change it up! Jumpsuits with long sleeves or pants are a game-changer for winter, usually able to be worn day or night, and can give some life and colour to a drab winter’s day.

The Gin & Tonic Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit oozes sophistication while also staying faithful to the winter weather. No matter what the temperature is outside, this jumpsuit won’t stop you from stepping out and about. Accentuating the grace and style you already love in the warm weather, the Gin & Tonic jumpsuit switches to long sleeves and pants, while staying elegant and giving that summer pop in the cold winter.

The Alexandria Jumpsuit

It has a slightly more exposed upper body, but paired with a good jacket turns this jumpsuit into both a night and day piece, inside or outside, summer or winter. Versatility is important when choosing your wardrobe, as you want to be able to take good quality clothes through all the seasons.

Winter wardrobe style doesn’t have to be difficult, if you know the right clothing that can tie into your own personal style, whilst also keeping you cosy warm. Make sure to wear to the weather of course, but don’t be afraid to break out into a stellar piece that you adore. Fashion is all about expression and you never look better than when you wear something you love!

Now you know how to create the perfect winter wardrobe, head on over to Loreta Clothing to pick your new favourite winter pieces to go out and show off to the world!


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